It's Christmas at Harvest Rain Headquarters!

Our Christmas elves have delivered a 9-foot tall Christmas tree to put on display in the foyer of our Hayward Street Studios, but....


From now until Christmas, you can buy your very own Christmas bauble to hang on our tree. For just $5, your bauble will have your name written on it and will be displayed proudly on our tree. Each week, our CEO Tim O'Connor and our team will be conducting a "decorating ceremony" that we will stream on our Instagram and Facebook pages, where you can watch your ornament being hung on the tree alongside those of other supporters. 


All proceeds will go to Harvest Rain's Youngharts Network, which raises money to support creative young people in need. In the last year, Harvest Rain has distributed over $20,000 worth of creative scholarships and bursaries thanks to funds raised through the Youngharts Network. As a company, Harvest Rain represents over 25,000 creative young people from all walks of life, so your $5 donation really is an investment in the next generation. 

Put your name on our tree this Christmas, and support our Youngharts Network.

If you have already bought a bauble in 2019, you'll see a picture of it below once we have hung it on our tree!

Check our Instagram and Facebook pages to watch the decorating ceremonies!