For the dreamers who dream big dreams....

At the closing night performance of GREASE - THE ARENA EXPERIENCE in Adelaide, Harvest Rain's CEO Tim O'Connor shared his reasons for creating opportunities for young performers to connect with their idols and pursue their love of performing as part of Harvest Rain's arena productions.

He said "Many years ago, legendary Australian theatre performer and producer Simon Gallaher gave me a piece of advice that changed my life. He told me that I could have everything in life that I wanted, I just had to go get and the only thing stopping me was me. That one little piece of advice coloured every part of my life from that moment onwards. Those were the words that reminded me on a daily basis that I was allowed to dream big dreams and go after them relentlessly - if my dreams didn't come true, I only had me to blame. That's why we do these arena shows and gather these talented young people together, as a way of saying to them 'Yes, we believe in you, we believe in your dream. Go do amazing things'. That's what it's all about."