Youngharts Take the Capital

This week, we gather over 100 young creative people together in Canberra to take part in our YOUNGHARTS CREATIVE CONVENTION, where these young performers had the chance to work with, learn from and perform alongside industry legends like Thomas Lacey (the star of STRICTLY BALLROOM and GREASE: THE ARENA EXPERIENCE), Silvie Paladino (recording artist and star of LES MISERABLES and MAMMA MIA) and Rhonda Burchmore (star of HOT SHOE SHUFFLE and MAMMA MIA).

As always, it was a transformational opportunity for so many young dreamers to get to connect with people who are doing what they dream of. The dreamers meet the doers - that's what it's all about!

Thanks to all our Youngharts donors who made this event possible and made dreams come true for so many young Australians.