60 ml bottle of hand sanitiser with metal carabiner. 

Comes in a range of different colours with amusing musical theatre parody titles, including:

  • PINK "Be More Clean"
  • PURPLE "Bye Bye Germie"
  • YELLOW "Chitty Chitty Wipe Wipe"
  • DARK BLUE "Cleany Todd"
  • LIGHT BLUE "Dear Evan Hand Sanitiser"
  • ORANGE "Don't Kiss Me Kate"
  • PINK "Handspray"
  • GREEN "Spring Awipening"
  • RED "Wipe Side Story"
  • LIGHT GREEN "Annie Get Your Glove"


All proceeds from the sale of these hand sanitisers go to the Youngharts Network, supporting young creative people in need. 

Musical Parody Hand sanitiser


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